FLYATHLETE #1: The Stout Runner


The First Flyathlete

Name:  Andrew Todd
Codename:  The Stout Runner
Age:  Barely 40
Birthday:  Winter Solstice
Favorite Flyathlon Venue:  Sangre de Cristo Wilderness
Favorite Fish:  Rio Grande cutthroat trout
Favorite Beer:  Firestone Walker Parabola

Statement:  I can’t seriously be the first person to think of this…  But, I am the first to buy the domain name and devote hours of my time building a site dedicated to the simultaneous pursuit of mountain trails, hungry trout, and meaty beers.  I am fortunate enough to live in Colorado, so we have some of the best of all of the above.  I hope to see the Flyathlon grow into a grassroots organization of people who both enjoy and advocate for the protection of our mountains, their waters, and their finned residents.  And beer.  You’ve got to stand for good beer…